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Welcome to the home of design and innovation. Welcome to FILANTE Motors.

We deliver distribution, sales and fully controlled logistic services from manufacturing site
up to car-dealer door, delivering value
to manufacturing Partner and Customer.

FILANTE is the most reliable and direct-to-sales Parter 
to build a long term success story.


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Minicar elettrica, Scooter anziani e disabili



Manufacturing Innovation.

FILANTE Motors is the leading company in Italy and in Europe in electric pedestrian scooters, covered scooters and light electric quadricycles.

The Italian company, guided by a clear vision of a sustainable electric future, has its roots in over 20 years of experience in the Italian market, with the eternal goal of progressing in excellence,  innovation and safety.

FILANTE Motors products have
 unrivaled on-board technology, the highest safety standards and a unique design.



SWAPA_FILANTE Motors Urbanproof.png

Urban proof

SWAPA_FILANTE Motors home.png


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SWAPA Zip Petrol.png
SWAPA Zip Sport


2,9 mt

2 seats

Full electric vehicle

45-80 km/h top speed

120 km range per charge

Automotive monocoque frame

Ambient light

APPLE Carplay
Full Optional

OTA Connection 
Mobile APP.


.. and connected.

SWAPA Mobile App.png
Swapa ZIP Side.png

Under the house.

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