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The FILANTE Motors group is guided today by the passion and determination ofFrancesco Farina,
an incurable enthusiast of engines and competitions.

As a certified Milanese architect, he began his professional career as a technical designer in a large international group.

Thanks to his analytical and strategic skills, in 2016 at the age of just 37 he became Chief Executive Officer.

In 2019, together with his brother Nicola, he has a vision. FILANTE Motors is born.




We invest heavily in the continuous improvement of what we do every day, to be able to provide our Customers and Partners with the best Customer Experience formula.

The continuity of service, the high quality, the innovation of the solutions offered make it possible to satisfy an ever-increasing number of people, helping to improve the quality of their mobility and their life.

For these reasons, FILANTE Motors always continues to innovate, providing customers and partners with high professionalism and a wide range of cutting-edge solutions. 

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