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Progetto senza titolo (8).png
Progetto senza titolo (8).png

ACTIVE - 100% Electric.

The Active™ Cabin Scooter is the answer to modern city and provincial mobility needs.

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ACTIVE - 60 or 120 km.

Active is available in two versions depending on your travel needs: 60 km or 120 km of autonomy, maximum speed 45km/h. Active is a light L6e-A quadricycle: you travel in restricted traffic zones, you don't pay road tax and the insurance has a reduced premium.


ACTIVE - Even without a license.

As with all microcars, a B driving license is not required for the Active, but an AM moped license is sufficient. But there is a version without a license, with special user requirements.

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Maximum safety.

ACTIVE has developed the four-wheeled electric microcar, considered safer than a moped, to guarantee maximum stability in any situation.

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Minicar elettrica senza patente per anziani, disabili, minorenni


No driving licence?
No problem. Active can be driven without a license.

Not having your license renewed due to a particular pathology or simply due to advancing age is truly unnerving, especially if you depend on the help of your children and acquaintances for your daily needs.

But today ACTIVE exists: take back your independence and get back behind the wheel immediately.


The Electric Microcar

The vision of CabinACTIVE

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