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Welcome to the home of design and innovation. Welcome to FILANTE Motors.

We provide distribution, sales and fully controlled logistic services from manufacturing site
up to car-dealer door, delivering value
to manufacturing Partner and Customer.

FILANTE is the most reliable and direct-to-sales parter 
to build a long term success story.


Minicar elettrica, Scooter anziani e disabili



Delivering Innovation.

FILANTE Motors is the leading company in Italy and Europe in the import and structured distribution of electric vehicles, scooters, quadricycles and medical devices. Together with our Premium Industrial Partners, we build a shared growth path in the market, bringing value and experience to the end customer.

Guided by a clear vision of a sustainable electric future, FILANTE has its roots in over 20 years of experience in the organized distribution market, with the eternal goal of progressing in excellence, innovation and safety.

FILANTE Motors brands have unrivaled on-board technology, the highest safety standards and a unique design.


Our large distribution network includes only selected car dealers, fully organized to deliver best sales and service experience.

38 exclusive Distributor in Italy with over
2000 car-dealer shop network nationwide.

Our fondamentals.

Direct to market selling strategy, including product launch, press office and Advertising. 

Fully organized 24/7 logistic centers for container/vassel management, with capacity of 400 vehicles/day.

Studio di progettazione automobilistica

Omologation Center.

Alla concessionaria

Over 2000+ car dealers.

Vista aerea del centro di distribuzione

Door-to-door Logistic support.

Inventario di magazzino

Warehouse hub in Milan Area.

Riunione dell'ufficio di affari

Direct branch in China
for Partner support.



We are Italian and close to our Customers, thanks to a widespread network of Authorized Dealers and Workshops that operate throughout the national territory.

Our family.

What a story.


Our journey begins 15 years ago, at the dawn of the electric revolution: today our world is only zero emissions.

Four wheels driven.


KYMCO launches the first Healthcare line in Europe. Distribution in Italy began in 2011.


The SETTE Sport scooter was launched in Europe and immediately became a best seller.


 SETTE Sport: best seller 2020 and 2021. FILANTE Best Service Award.


Launch of the MICROMACH brand in Italy and opening of the CENTRO STILE FILANTE.

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